About Shazzoo

Shazzoo is a multi channel  content management system. No software needs to be installed as it runs in any IE internet browser and content can be managed through the intuitive and user-friendly interface. This allows users to manage and publish web pages as simply as writing a letter.

The 100% WYSIWYG editor, which is one of the most advanced editors in the market, allows users to create beautiful web pages in exact the same layout as they will be visible for their visitors. This method of editing makes previewing of web pages almost superfluous and will save lot of valuable time.

Any web template can be integrated in the Shazzoo WYSIWYG editor. The strict customization rules will guarantee a consistent look and feel without losing flexibility for the user. With only a few mouse clicks users can even insert entire pieces of content fully formatted to their companies mandatory style and complete them with text, images or other content.

The multi channel piblishing engine of Shazzoo makes sure every device visiting a Shazzoo website is presented in the layout defined for that device. There is no need to maintain separate versions of a web page for each device.

Highlighted features

Multi channel publishing
According to Gardners forcast on internet usage Mobile devices will overtake PC's as the dominant internet device by 2013. This is why Shazzoo offers out of the box multi channel publishing. Every device visiting a Shazzoo web page will be served in a layout which fit's it screen size and controls so that users will always get the best possible experience of your site.

Cloud based and on-premises
Shazzoo is available as an on-premises solution in which Shazzoo will be installed on a machine located in the customer's data center or a Cloud based solution. In the cloud based solution customers will have access to an instance of Shazzoo running in a Shazzoo data center. This allows customers to enjoy Shazzoo for a fixed monthly fee without having to look after maintenance or software updates.

Flexible backend integration
All business relevant information, no matter if if it is located in SAP, Oracle, SQL, Lotus Domino or any other database, can be used in Shazzoo and published on your website. Our consultants will be pleased to map out all possibilities that fit to your environment.

Shazzoo offers integration with Google Analytics to make analitics data available to content editors. Users no longer need to find their way in difficult analytics tools but can see the page statistics straight in the page overview of Shazzoo. Trend figures allows users to see visitors behaviour and can act directly based on this information.

The publication cycle of your web pages is optionally supported by workflow. This workflow authorizes specified people to author, edit or publish content and triggers them to take any required action. Authors create web pages, editors approve and publishers finally publish content for your website.

Multi channel publishing
Shazzoo strictly separates content from formatting. Therefore central content can be offered in different formats to different networks (internet, intranet and extranet) and devices (PC, iPad, PDA, mobile phone etc.).

Better Google rankings
With the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) options that Shazzoo offers, you can easily improve your online visibility. Apply SEO attributes to your web page on individual or site level to get better results in the rankings of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. In the end, better rankings in search engines will lead more visitors to your website. And of course these statistics can be viewed directly  in Shazzoo using Google Analytics technology.

Easy implementation in every environment
You don't have to worry about complex installations in your IT-environment. Shazzoo is offered as a total solution that can be simply plugged into your current network. For example, for Lotus Domino users, Shazzoo can be installed on top of any existing (windows based) Lotus Domino server.
Shazzoo as a service is another attractive option in which we take care of all aspects of installation and maintenance in the server environment. Our experienced consultants are willing to advise you.
Shazzoo is based on open (XML) standards. You not only invest in an advanced solution now, but also in flexible options to expand and adjust your system in the future.

Quotes on Shazzoo

We found that Shazzoo CMS met all our demands. All problems and disagreements have been solved fast and professionally. Shazzoo has worked fast and smoothly and all deliverances have been on time.
Karen Andersen - ISC

Handling Shazzoo is as easy and intuitive as a CMS can be. Of the IBM Lotus Notes based CMS we looked at, Shazzoo was the best performing for us. And most important: We are happy with the support we get in case of any technical issues.
Felix Vogler - Panagenda

The main reason we have chosen this system are the SEO benefits Shazzoo delivers to Lialis. In other words we make more money selling our products because Shazzoo is helping us to increase the Google ranking's. The second reason is the content manager which is 100% WYSIWYG. It works great and is easy to manage.
Marten Vosmer - Lialis

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